Brenda Fernandes is a multi-genre musician, singer-song writer, record producer and visual artist from Scranton Pa. She beautifully blends drum beats, piano, harmonium, synthesizer and soothing vocal melodies with poetic lyrics and mantra. Her unique sound emanates from the soul. Audiences have described her performances as uplifting, sometimes comedic and creatively inspiring.



Brenda Fernandes was born in Scranton Pa. and has remained there with her awesome wife and 3 kitty cats. She feels that it's a perfect little city to live, play, work and create music and art in.

Brenda began exploring, composing and writing music in her early 20's right out of graduating college with a fine arts degree. She desired to learn and do something else creative and began writing poetry and short stories. She found her poems needed a little more "oomf" so she taught herself the piano using intuition and feelings as a guide. Because of strong positive reactions from the audience, she continued  writing poetic, vague and art-pop music.

Later on, Brenda's style changed and evolved in its own way as she explored music theory,  sound healing and new musical genres. Presently, she has ended up with her own multi-faceted sound that is unique and pure in heart.

Her musical influences range from Max Richter, Nina Simone, Snatum Kaur, Tycho, Manish Vyas, Air, Yann Tiersen,  Stevie Wonder, Enya, Laraaji, Bill Evans, Cesaria Evora and Madeleine Peyroux just to name a few.

In 2019 she performed for a wide range of audiences in the P.A. and N.Y. area and was a featured musician on WVIA's Homegrown program hosted by George Graham.

Currently Brenda is a solo act performing her music by use of keyboard, drum machines, vocals and harmonium. She will be recording a new album this year (2020). Her intention as a musician is to have fun, connect and share her ideas and music with the world.

What makes Brenda's performances unique is her openness of revealing the many sides of herself as a storyteller, comedian and songwriter.

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Her Mountains:

Float Along:

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"Thank you for your support and interest and I hope to be grooving and singing in your company soon."





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