Heart of Gold/  Jai sita ram jai jai haunuman jai bajarangbale baba haunuman sankata mochan kripa nidhan. I'll watch the darkness go, grace is the thunderbolt. I'll watch my problems go, grace is the heart of gold. (victory over suffering)

Flooded with Peace/  My teacher, my holiness I am ready to hear your Word. I am ready to choose release. My day will be joyful in my mind. My mind will be flooded with peace. Love pours out of me. Silence is the true Reality. Temptation will come but will be given up. This beautiful heat of mine remembers to open up.

Gayatri Mantra/ Om Bhur Bhuvaḥ Swaḥ
Tat-savitur Vareñyaṃ Bhargo Devasya Dhīmahi Dhiyo Yonaḥ Prachodayāt (to sing for protection and meditate upon the inner light, enlightening our heart and direct our understanding) How can I find the lightness in the seeming darkness? How can I know the truth in my thoughts of falseness? How can I let go of these things that seem so serious? How will I have the courage to choose my true inheritance? Let yourself be lifted from this battle field.  Let your gentle spirit soften your eyes. Let the stillness inside you be your guide. Surrender to the truth, welcome no substitute.

Refuge/ Ap sahaee hoa sache da sache dhoa har har har. (You divine One have become my refuge)  Feel golden light wash over. In your presence I am safe. Love is my only refuge, nothing else will help me wake. Let me give what I receive and welcome what I offer. Peace to your mind and peace to mine.

Shiva/  Om namah shivaya shivaya namah shambhu shankara girija shankara. (I bow to the destroyer of doubt, the simple one, the embodiment of grace)

Grievances/  Oh my grievances I will use everyday to wash them away. Oh my light will you open my eyes, may I look upon myself with love. Oh my light will you shine out of me when I feel afraid and unkind. Help me understand there is more than this barren land this war I keep on fighting. Help me lay down this knife and carry me upright and lift up my mind, because I want to go home.

Om tare/ Om tare tutare ture soha (awakening to mercy and compassion) Look and let go, keep it simple. Give up your eyes and see with hallowed vision. Drop your small bowl of water and walk to the ocean. No need to fix your tired wings. Go and fly with the mighty eagle. Forget everything you think you know, feel the essence of your divine soul.

Her Mountains/ Om anandamayi chitanyamayi satyamayi parame. (She the delight, consciousness, truth and supreme)  Little did I know a transformation was to begin. I dropped my illusion of pain, in an instant and abided in the glow of my soul. Awakened to a place where gratitude keeps the fires lit. A place where prosperity flows and love guides the way. Thank you, thank you, thank you...



Loves Fire/ There is a place in my heart glowing, there in the darkness. Feel all the love in your heart right now. Breath, breath deep feel the flames grow higher. Watch, watch it burn your lies and your fears. Give, give your love to everything you see. Aham Prema (I am Divine Love) Let, let this fire touch my greatest foe man, purifying, planting new seed. Let us be at ease, let my mind be free. I am going to give my love to everything I see.

Is You/ Dukh par har sukh ghar lai jae (Give up your pain, let peace fill your heart) Let me feel that I am one with you. Only your voice and Will are the truth. I give to you all my doubt and dis-ease. You restore my sanity for I am not a part from you. You are here with me. All I need to do is call on you. You always take good care of me all my needs are vanishing. All that's left of me is you.

Inner Sight/ Om namo bhagavate vasudevya (I bow to the shining one, Gods Presence within us all)

Don't be blinded by the form. Instead, unite with your source. Union is the only liberation. Observe how your faith can move the mountains. Give all your grace and blessings to everyone and you will not be healed alone. Let it be done through you, there's nothing you need to do. There's no one to save, no one to guide, there's only you. There's no one to blame, no one to fear, there's only you.

Forgiveness/ Go there where your secret sins are hidden. Go into to darkness where all is unforgiven. Uncover thoughts where death may strike and all you will see is pure Light. Fear not this place , this maze of confusion. Smile at what you made that keeps yourself imprisoned. Om gum ganapate namha (Salutations to the remover of obstacles) Watch imagined enemies turn into healing beings. Feel your fingers slip on through that clouds of illusion. Underneath this grand old scene the viscous voices are redeemed. Choose to hear the soundless sound of forgiveness.

Float Along/ The voice of love is silent. One only hears it sinking below the loudness. Only this sweetness can fulfill you. Only this sweetness can sustain you. There is nothing in this world that could substitute. There's a sea within where the waters are safe and warm. Where you can float along, float along. Forget this world and your broken records and come inside to Heaven. The Presence of God is there, go to it, got to it.

True Vision/ It is time to go beyond. Beyond the enticement of all the chaos. Eyes are blinded seeing conflict. But the veil is lifting, as I'm shown true vision. Gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi svaha (Gone, gone beyond. Oh what an awakening) Great Spirit, guide us now. To the Eternal where majesty is found. And serenity lights the path so easily. I'm the great observer as I'm shown true vision.

Ong Sohung/ Ong Sohung (I am the creative consciousness of the Universe) I am thou. I am peace,. Peace is in me.

Shunyata/ Om svabhava shuddha sarva dharma svabhava shuddho ham (The fundamental essence of all things is pure) It doesn't matter what you thin you've done you can never change original essence. Your purity shines from the moment you were born. Forever guiltless from the mind of perfect emptiness. The wild winds of difference settle down. Every voice has faded in her mind. Sitting beside the placid water she hears the Voice of Truth echo...Shunyata, shunyata, shunyata (Emptiness)

sound healing.jpg


And how prayer, chant and the power of sound brings us back to Source.

When you sing or speak words with powerful and prayerful meaning it can connect you deeper to your inner being. Doing so creates balance, peace, gratitude and inner joy. Why? because you are "tuning" in towards all the gifts that God has already given you.

Biologically, chanting resonates and purifies the subtle channels of energy connecting us to the formless and timeless realm. When we chant we stimulate 84 reflex points in the mouth awakening dormant parts of the brain and circulates energy through the body. 

A mantra is the combination of sacred syllables which form a nucleus of spiritual energy. Mantras were perceived by ancient rishis  who translated them into an audible pattern of words, rhythm, and melody.

Through the sounding of mantras we still the mind, calm the nervous system and arrive at a single pointed awareness. It can bring us back to focus on what really matters throughout the day. And that is, that peace is always available to us helping us disengage from our everyday dramas.

When you receive and listen to this sound in your body filling your whole body with Light you will take notice as your life begins to unfold in a profound and beautiful way.


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